Articles about breech birth

Breech Babies – Caesarean operation versus normal birth
Gina Lowdon
Gina discusses the barriers to vaginal birth that women with a breech presenting baby often encounter. First published in the AIMS Journal Autumn 1998, Vol 10 No 3.

Breech Babies – Caesarean or vaginal birth?
Jean Robinson
Jean’s critique of the Term Breech Trial, an international trial comparing managed breech vaginal delivery with elective caesarean section for selected term breech babies. First published in the AIMS Journal Winter 2000, Vol 12 No 4.

Normal Breech Birth
The RCM “Campaign for Normal Birth” makes it clear that breech presentation is normal, it is just not typical and that a normal birth of a breech baby should be an option for women.

Keep your hands off the Breech
Mary Cronk MBE
Mary is a well known and respected independent midwife, who has many years experience of assisting women to give birth to their breech babies vaginally. In this article she explains how the safety of vaginal breech birth can be maximised. First published in the AIMS Journal Autumn 1998, Vol 1o No 3.

Term Breech Trial
Cynthia Clarkson
Cynthia explains the Term Breech Trial and the results. First published in the NCT publication New Digest, December 2000.

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